Smart Grid Technologies

Track Chair: Dr. Ikbal Ali, JMI

Track Coordinator(s): S.M. Suhail Hussain, JMI  &  Mohd Asim Aftab, JMI

This lifeline of our civilization is energy. Sustainable energy systems will dictate the progress of our civilization in the near future since the need to efficiently acquire low-cost, clean, and renewable energy is tremendous. The smart grid has recently emerged as a promising technology to motivate such sustainable energy systems. Researchers, industries, and governments are all trending toward a transformation of the traditional electricity grids into smarter grids where technologies from different disciplines meet to facilitate a real-time alignment of energy demand and supply through a bi-directional communication between the energy provider and its customers.Smart grid technology is currently entering the electrical market by the deployment of smart meters. Electric vehicles introduce new challenges on the grid capacity but also may support grid stability. Volatile renewable energy resources such as PV, wind etc. poses challenges of grid stability. In order to manage the smart grid operations effectively, there is a growing need of development of communication technologies for smart grid operations.

This Track has the objectives to identify and analyze the challenges in smart grids in term of communication technologies, management and control techniques to ensure efficient and reliable operation of grid.


The organizing committee invites prospective authors to submit original contributions in the following broad themes (but not limited to):

  • Role of Information and Communication Technologies in Grid Operations.
  • Smart Grid Network Vulnerability and Security
  • Smart Grid Load and Energy Management
  • Smart Grid planning, forecasting, operation, stability and reliability
  • Integration of distributed energy resources and future challenges
  • Electric vehicle technologies and grid interaction
  • Smart cities solutions, smart buildings, and home automation
  • Active distribution network operation and management
  • Energy efficiency techniques for smart grids and microgrids
  • Smart grid and microgrid controlmethods
  • Advance Metering Infrastructure (AMI)
  • Wide area measurements and synchrophasor applications in smart grid/microgrid
  • Standard based smart grid automation (IEC 61850, IEEE 1547, DNP3, etc.)

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