Mathematical Modelling & Simulation, Optimization,  Special Functions & their Applications

Chair(s): Dr. Pratiksha Saxena & Dr. Bhawana Joshi


We invite original (un-published) research contributions based on the above mentioned theme including following topics but not limited to:

  1. Modelling and simulation
  2. Optimization techniques and applications
  3. Mathematical programming and applications
  4. Duality Theorems of Optimization Techniques.
  5. Application of Optimization Techniques to Engineering.
  6. Application of Optimization Techniques to Biological Models.
  7. Application of Optimization Techniques to Animal Diet Formulation.
  8. Simulation Models.
  9. Modelling and simulation for optical communications
  10. Soft computing techniques.
  11. Special Functions, Orthogonal Polynomials & their Applications in Mathematics

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