Electronics, Communications & Intelligent Systems

Chair(s):  Prof. (Dr. ) Binod Kumar Kanaujia

Co-Chair: Dr. Deepak Gangwar


Scope of the Special session:

The special session covers, but is not restricted to, the following topics:

  • Electronic Systems/ Bio-medical Electronics/ Nano-electronics/ Analog and mixed signal design/ Digital System Design.
  • Microwave (Antenna/RF Devices/Measurements/EMI/EMC)
  • Antennas for Satellite Communication, Navigation, Remote Sensing, Microwave Remote sensing Application
  • Phased Array/Re-configurable/Multi-beam Antennas/Base Station Antennas
  • Near Field/Far Field/Compact Range Measurements
  • Networking and Communication/ MIMO systems/ 4G beyond and 5G/ AdHoc and sensor networks/ Modulation, Coding and Channel Analysis.
  • Signal and Image Processing
  • Cryptography and Security
  • Machine Learning
  • Database
  • Graphics and Visualization

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